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Creating Dynamic Product Ads for Facebook
Creating Dynamic Product Ads for Facebook

How to use dynamic content from a feed in your social ads.

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Ads that display content from a dynamic feed can be extremely valuable. They let you display dynamic information such as price, discount value, and product descriptions that your audience is most interested in. These ads are often used for (but not limited to) remarketing campaigns on Facebook or other social media channels.

In this tutorial, we will explain how you can easily add dynamic content to your social ads. For this, you need an ad set that is already connected to a dynamic feed. If you’re not sure how to do this, first check out this article.

Part I: Selecting the right layout

Bannerwise supports this feature for the following ad formats: 

  • Carousel ad

  • Single image ad

  • Collection ad

Each format is meant for specific use cases. This depends on the type of business and resources available in your data feed. To understand which size is right for you, make sure to read this additional documentation on Facebook.

Part II: Adding or creating your first dynamic element

There are two ways to connect an element to a dynamic value. You can either add a new, dynamic element to your ad, or you can make an existing element dynamic. Below, we will explain both options. 

Option 1: Adding a new, dynamic element
First, open your ad set in the "single view" and click on the “add element” button in the top left of the scene. In the dropdown menu, click on “dynamic”. Now, you have to select a reference (for example “price”). 

Option 2: Making an existing element dynamic
Aside from adding a new element, you can also make an existing element dynamic. For this, you also have to open your ad set in the "single view". Here, you navigate to the property panel and click on the “dynamic” toggle. Then, select a reference. 

Part III: Previewing your Dynamic Product Ads for Facebook

When you have added your first dynamic elements, it’s time to see what they look like. For this, you navigate to the dedicated “preview page”. Simply click the “preview” button on the top right of your screen.

The preview page allows you to loop through the first 10 items of your feed, so you can easily double-check your layout in various scenarios. For example, you can check out different images and different text sizes. In order to check your complete feed, you first have to publish your DPA set. Read this article if you want to learn more about publishing your ad set. 

That’s all for now!

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