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Editing ads simultaneously
Editing ads simultaneously

How to effortlessly make adjustments to multiple ad sizes

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Part I: Changing visual element across all ads 

To demonstrate how you can easily change elements, we’ll start with changing an image across your entire ad set. Changing logos, shapes, videos, and backgrounds is roughly the same. Later on, we will also explain how to change text and buttons, as they are slightly different from changing visuals.

Step 1: Select the element you want to change
For this tutorial, we will begin by adjusting an image. Open your ad set in the “all view” and look at the sidebar. Here, you click on the image you want to change.

Now, the image properties and other options will appear in the sidebar.

Step 3: Changing your image
To change the image, you now click on the “replace” button. Then, select a new image from your library or upload a new one, and click on the “change” button. Once you’ve completed these steps, the image will change automatically throughout all sizes. 

Step 4: Selecting the scale mode
When you select a new image for your ads, you will instantly see whether or not it looks good in your design. If the new image has another aspect ratio, you can easily make it look better by changing the “scale mode”. There are 3 options for this: 

  1. Scale to stretch

  2. Scale to fit

  3. Scale to fill 

In most cases, the “scale to fit” option will do the trick, but feel free to play around with all the options and see what scaling mode makes your image look best. 

When you are finished with changing your image, you can go back to the elements list by clicking anywhere on the canvas, or by using the arrow in the top left of your sidebar. 

Part II: Changing other elements

Changing visual elements such as logos and backgrounds is similar to changing images. But for changing text and buttons, you do need to follow a few different steps. We’ll explain them here.

Editing text
In this tutorial, we will also change the text displayed in your ads. For this, you click on the text element you want to change. This is listed under the “text section” in the sidebar. Then, type in a short text, such as ‘some relevant text for the example ad set’. The text you enter here will instantly appear throughout all ad sizes. This gives you a clear overview of what the text looks like and if it fits properly. 

Editing buttons
Changing buttons is fairly similar to changing text elements. In the sidebar, you click the “button element” you want to change. Then, you will see the “properties panel” that allows you to change the color or the displayed text.

Optional: changing elements in a specific size or format
If you want, you can also make changes to specific sizes or formats, for example to all leaderboards or skyscrapers. For this, you need to view your ads in the “all view”. Then, you click on “all sizes” in the top left of the sidebar. Here, you select the custom size or format you want to change. You will now see the sidebar. Changeable elements are listed here. 

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