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Using videos in your display ads
Using videos in your display ads

How to create stunning in-banner video ads to draw attention

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In-banner video ads can engage users and easily draw more attention to your ads than regular animated ads. In this tutorial, we will quickly describe how to add video elements to your ads, what properties a video element has and how the video interacts with your timeline. 


This tutorial does not describe how to create video ads for social media. For that, you can check out this article instead.

Step 1: Adding a video element
Open your ad in the “single view”. For this tutorial, we assume that your library is empty and you still have to upload a video file. Before we start, let's quickly review the requirements of a video file.

  • The video should be an MP4

  • The maximum file size is 2.2MB

  • The maximum duration is 15 seconds

If the video file doesn’t adhere to the specifications listed above, then you are not able to upload the file to Bannerwise.

When you are sure your video meets the specifications, it’s time to upload it. First, click on the “add element” button on the top left of the scene. Then, click on “video”.

Now click “browse” to upload a video to your library. For this, you select an MP4 video file from your computer. The file will now start uploading. After the file is uploaded, you can click on the “add” button and your video will be added to the canvas. 

Step 2: Uploading a thumbnail
Once the video element is added to the canvas, you set the video properties. For this, you navigate to the right side of the canvas. Here, you will see the “property panel”. One of the properties is setting a thumbnail. This functions as a loading screen for your video. You can upload a thumbnail by clicking on the “upload thumbnail” link. This is located right under the “video thumbnail” label.

Step 3: Setting the video options
To complete setting up your video element, you will also set the video options. You do this from the same property panel as mentioned above. Before you set up the video options, it’s important to know what video options we support:

  1. Autoplay: When toggled on the video will start immediately after the ad is loaded 

  2. Show controls:  When toggled on, the video will display playback controls on the bottom of the element

  3. Loop: When toggled on, the video will loop infinitely

  4. Loop with ad: When toggled on, the video will replay every time the ad loops

  5. Replay

For this tutorial, we’re going to select the “Autoplay” and “Loop” options. Simply switch on the autoplay function, to make sure the video starts immediately after loading. Also, let the video loop by switching on the loop option

That’s it. You’ve now added your first in-banner video. Please note that you can only use one video element in each ad. But we guess it's more than enough to draw your audience's attention!

Step 4: Previewing the video ad
In order to see whether or not your video behaves as expected, and is in line with your other elements, you have to preview the ad as a whole. For this, you simply click the “Preview” button in the navigation toolbar on top of your canvas.

Optional: Replacing the video
After uploading a video and adding it to the canvas, it’s also possible to replace your video file. For this, look at the property panel on the right side of your canvas. Here, simply click on the “replace” button. Now, the library will appear. Here, you can select an already uploaded video or upload a new video file.

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