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Generating a complete ad set
Generating a complete ad set

How to let the algorithm easily create more ad sizes

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When you have created your first digital ad, you can easily generate all other sizes. Our adaptive algorithm will create them for you. In this tutorial, we will explain how you can create a complete ad set within minutes

Step 1: Automatically generate all your ad sizes
First, click on the “sizes dropdown” in the toolbar. For generating a complete ad set, we work top-down. The first size listed here is the ad you created earlier. Now, select the second size from the dropdown menu.

All sizes contain a tag depending on the state they are in. Tags can be: "Editing", "Created" or "Empty".

If you selected various sizes when you started creating your ad, you will see a list of all the sizes you’ve picked. If you have only selected one size, skip the rest of this step and read the ‘Optional’ paragraph first. 

When you select the next ad size, you’ll be asked, “Are you sure you’re finished?” If so, you can select two options:

  1. Start empty

  2. Let’s go

If you click on the “Start empty” button you’ll create the new size with a blank canvas. However, you can also let our algorithm automatically generate the next ad for you. For this, you click the “Let’s go!” button. Now, the algorithm automatically reproduces all slides, elements, and animations from your existing ad set or template.

The elements are distributed over the canvas as well as our algorithm can. In most cases, you will have to reposition the elements to make sure everything is pixel-perfect. So, tweak your elements a bit, then effortlessly generate the next size.

💡Good to know:

When an adset has a minimum of two ad sizes generated and there are still more ad formats you'd like to scale the design into, the modal below will appear:

The size displayed by default in the dropdown menu is the most similar one to the new size you've selected. However, you can click on the dropdown menu and manually choose the one you want.

Optional: Adding an additional or custom ad size
If you don’t see the ad size you need in the dropdown menu, you can add it yourself. First, you click on the “sizes dropdown” in the toolbar. Then, click on the “add size” button and select one or more sizes.

If you want to create a size that is not mentioned here, you can also add a custom size. For this, you click the “add size” button. Then, you enter a name, width, and height for your size and click on “add custom size”

When you have selected either a custom or additional ad size, click the “Continue” button. Now, you can follow the rest of step 1 as described above and let our algorithm automatically generate the ads for you

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