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Sharing your ads
Sharing your ads

How to share your ads for review and feedback purposes

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One of the benefits of using Bannerwise is the possibility to share your ads with, well, everyone. This way, you can make sure that all those involved are up to date, and able to sign off or give feedback on your ads. In this tutorial, we will quickly explain how you can share your ads.

Step 1: Generating a sharable preview page
With Bannerwise, don’t just send over a bunch of files. You first generate a sharable preview page for each of your ad sets. To start sharing your ads, navigate to the Bannerwise hub. Here, click on “Manage” and then click on “Ads”. Find the ad set you want to share in the list, and click on “More”. Then, click on “Share” in the dropdown menu:

Now, you can select the sizes you want to share on the preview page. When you have selected all, click on “Generate” and “Copy link”. 

Pro tip
Aside from sharing all sizes, you can also decide to share just a few. This especially comes in handy when you’re in the middle of your production process and want to make sure the formats are approved before continuing with the rest of your ads. It’s best to always create one of each ad format (skyscrapers, leaderboards, and rectangles) to get a broad overview. 

Step 2: Customizing your preview page
When you want to share your ads with, for example, clients, you also have the opportunity to customize your preview page. This makes the page look even more professional. For this, click on “Configurations'' in the top right corner of the hub. From the dropdown menu, select “Preview page” and click on “Configure”

Now it gets even easier. By clicking on the “Change logo” button you can upload an image. From that moment on, your share pages will display your logo in the top left corner. Next to that, you’ll also be able to select the main color by clicking on the “Pick color” button.

Pro tip
If you really want to go all the way, it’s also possible to embed your preview page on your website on a custom domain. You can do this by clicking on the setup button and adding the embed code just above the </body> tag of your webpage HTML code.

That’s all for now! 

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