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Working with workspaces
Working with workspaces

How to use workspaces to keep your brand consistent

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How can you make sure everyone in your team is working with the right brand assets? For this, we have created something called “workspaces”. In this tutorial, we will explain how you can work with workspaces, for both localization and brand identity purposes. 

Step 1: Select a workspace
Go to the Bannerwise hub, Here, you see a text saying ‘You're currently working for ...’ - indicating the workspace that has been selected. You can easily switch workspaces by clicking on the dropdown area, provided that there is another workspace added to your account.

Step 2: Set up your brand assets
From the moment you select a workspace, all the regular tools (“create”, “manage” and “optimize”) will only show the ads and assets that belong to that particular workspace.

In order to set up your brand assets, you have to navigate to “manage” and click on “brand”. Here, you’ll see that you can add four resources:

  • Logos

  • Images

  • Fonts

  • Colors

Now, look at the sidebar on the left. You will see a list of resources that you can add. When you want to add a logo, click on the resource named “logo”. Upload your logo by dragging-and-dropping them, or by clicking on the “upload logo” button. The same procedure applies to uploading images and fonts - you can both drag and drop them, or simply upload them by clicking the button and selecting the corresponding file on your computer.

When you want to add a brand color, click on the color resource on the sidebar, and select a color using the “color picker”. You can also type in the HEX codes (color codes) that are used for your brand colors.

Step 3: adding languages to your brand
Sometimes you create ads for localization purposes. For this, you are able to add multiple languages to your brand. Look at the sidebar. Below all resources, you will see “Settings”. Here, you can click on ”Languages”. You can add a new language to your brand by clicking on “Add language” and selecting a language from the list.

Once you have added all the assets you need to maintain your brand, click on “Done”

Now, your brand assets will always be visible in your libraries when creating and editing ad sets. 

Pro tip
To make sure only approved team members are able to adjust brand assets, you can also set up user roles. To find out more about this feature, check out this article.

That’s all we have on workspaces! 

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