To increase the chance that your audience engages with your ads, you can choose to loop your ads. In this tutorial, we will briefly explain how you can adjust the loop indicator to let your ad play multiple times.  

Step 1: Toggle on the loop indicator

For this, you need an ad with at least one animation. When you’ve added an animation, look at the timeline again. Here, you will find a little, grey “loop indicator”, on top of the timeline. Please note that if you have added more than one slide, the “loop indicator” is only visible in the last slide. Click to toggle the loop indicator on. It will now turn green. If you have added more than one slide, the “loop indicator” is only visible on the last slide.

Once the loop toggle is on, your ad will keep replaying within 30 seconds. This means that if your ad duration is 15 seconds without looping, it will play 2 times.

Keep in mind that by IAB standards your ad will only loop a maximum of 3 times. 

Step 2: Determine the last frame of your ad

You can also decide which frame you want to be the end frame of your ad. This way, you can make sure that users will see a compelling message when your ad ends. For this, you have to adjust the loop indicator on your timeline. Click the “loop indicator” and simply drag it toward the preferred moment on your timeline. Drop it, and the loop indicator is set.

On a side note: our system always takes into account that you play a whole slide until the last available loop. For example, if you have 3 slides of 5 seconds each, and you place your loop indicator on 14 seconds, the total duration of your ad will be 29 seconds. 

Pro tip
In order to keep your ad looking professional, make sure that you do not position the loop indicator inside an active animation. This might break the animation and result in unwanted behavior.

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