Using Bannerwise, you can upload dynamic feeds to build banners for Adform, as long as you stick to their specifications. In this article we will go into how to upload your dynamic Adform feed, and specific things you need to pay close attention to.

1. Check that your feed is good to go

Check the specs of the feed you generated, or got from your team. Here are some quick tips, but please do check the specs Adform provides as well!

  • Verify that it is an XML feed.
  • Check if the structure of the feed is products > product. See an example of the Adform feed structure here. For example: XML feeds that are based on the structure of Google Retail feeds are not accepted.
  • Check if all external sources, like images and URLs have HTTPS in front of them, if you do not intend on using them for direct campaign.

2. Upload your feed in Bannerwise

Follow these steps to upload your feed in Bannerwise:

  1. Navigate to Create > Dynamic banner in Bannerwise. 
  2. Click the button to upload a new feed. 
  3. In the modal, indicate that you’re creating an Adform feed. 
  4. Enter your XML feed url, and Client and Template ID. 
  5. Click ‘add feed’.
  6. Proceed to build your dynamic bannerset for Adform!

Where do I find the Client and Template ID?

You can get the Client and Template ID’s when you upload your feed to Adform. Here is where you find them after uploading: go to the tab Banners, then select Creative optimization and choose Dynamic ads from the dropdown.

Good luck building your banners!

Please let us know if you have any questions or run into issues. You can always reach us on or through the support chat!

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