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Chapter 2: Building your in-banner video ads in Bannerwise
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To make the in-banner video ads for the campaign you’ve just created in Google Ads,

you either need desktop software or an online tool to build your ads with and an ad

server that is certified to create third-party tags (3PAS) for Google Ads.

There are only a few vendors worldwide that offer this solution. Bannerwise is one of

them. For creating in-banner videos you can easily use our Creative Management

Platform (CMP). This is a cloud-based solution that allows users to build, scale, publish

and optimize digital advertising content. Its core task is to enable you to effortlessly

create more, relevant and better-performing digital ads.

For the rest of this guide, we’ve assumed you’ve chosen Bannerwise to create your in-

banner videos with. This is actually quite easy, but to make sure you will have the thumb-stopping ads you desire, we will guide you through our platform step by step.

Step 1: Log in with your Bannerwise Account

For this, you navigate to and click on "Log in". Enter your account’s

username and password. Don’t have an account? Request a trial and get started today.

Step 2: Select the ad type.

You will start on your Home Screen. Here, you’re asked to select the type of ad you want to make. Click on "Create" and "Display Ads".

Step 3: Create a "Standard Ad".

Since in-banner video is only supported for standard ads and not for dynamic ads, click on "Create Standard Ads".

Step 4: Select an advertising network.

Select the online advertising network or DSP you want to create ads for. You’ve created a campaign in Google Ads, so search for "Google Ads" and select the network.

Step 5: Start from scratch.

We do not offer templates for in-banner videos just yet, so start creating your ads from

scratch. Click the button.

Step 6: Select sizes.

Select the sizes you’d like to use for your designs. Since in-banner video ads are best

displayed in larger sizes, we would recommend using 970x250, 300x1050, 300x250,

336x280 and 300x600 for your in-banner videos. As always, you can choose multiple

sizes at once. When selected, click "Continue".

Step 7: Add a name to your ad set.

Like the name? Click "Done". You’re now ready to start building your in-banner video ad.

Step 8: Add a video element.

Click on the blue plus to add elements to your banner. Here, select "video".

Step 9: Upload your video.

You can now upload a video to the library by clicking on "Browse files" or dragging the video file into the screen. Make sure that your video meets the Bannerwise specs for video ads. These are the same as Google’s specifications, so you do not have to worry about uploading the wrong extensions or sizes. Please note that you can’t use a Youtube video or any other video that is hosted on your own server. Videos are larger in file-size than other assets and need to be hosted on our Content Delivery Network (CDN) for quick delivery and viewability.

Step 10: Design your ad.

When you’ve uploaded the video, add all other elements that you want in your in-banner

video ad. You can use your logo, a CTA, or a brand message. Don’t forget to upload a

thumbnail for your video. When selecting all desired video options, click on "Preview" to see the result. If you want to know the best practices for your in-banner video designs, take a look at this article.

Step 11: Generate your third-party tags.

When you have created your in-banner video ads, you can now generate third-party tags (3PAS). You need these tags for submitting your request to Google.

Under "Manage" and "Ads", select "Publish" and click on "Get tags". Make sure to agree to the Terms & Conditions. Then, click on "Get tags" under the option "Generate 3rd party tags". We will now generate your tags and they will automatically be downloaded on your computer. Keep this file close - you will need it soon.

Do you want to check the settings of your third-party tag creatives? You can validate

your tags easily via this tag validator. Simply click on the link and copy-paste the ad tag that you’ve received after downloading.

If you want to know more about this feature and are interested in using videos in your ads, schedule a meeting with us! We will provide you with the next steps and all you need to know.


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