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Have you successfully set up your first in-banner video ad? Good job! Now, we will explain how you can easily add a video element to the canvas. This is basically the only step you have to take in order to make an in-banner video ad, instead of a regular HTML5 ad. Sounds easy, right? 

In this section of the beginner guide, we will cover everything that you need to know - so you can create them yourself within no time. 

First things first
In order to fully create a working in-banner video ad, you need to have access to a video file that meets the following requirements:

  • The video should be an MP4.

  • The maximum file size is 2.2MB.

  • The maximum duration is 15 seconds. 

Uploading your video file
When you are sure your video file meets the specifications, it’s time to upload it. First, click on the “add element” button on the top left of the scene. Then, click on the “video” element. 

In the popover, click “browse” to upload a video to your library. For this, you select an MP4-video file from your computer. The file will now start uploading. When the file is uploaded, you can click on the “add” button and your video will be added to the canvas.

Uploading a thumbnail
Once the video element is added to the canvas, it’s important that you carefully set the video properties. The main requirement here is that you add a thumbnail. This functions as a loading screen for your video. For this, you navigate to the right side of the canvas. Here, you will see the “property panel”. You can upload a thumbnail by clicking on the “upload thumbnail” link. This is located right under the “video thumbnail” label.

To make sure the video will start without any flickering effect, it’s best to use the first frame of your video as the thumbnail.

Setting the video options
To complete setting up your video element, you will also set the video options. You do this from the same property panel as mentioned above. Before you set up the video options, it’s wise to know what video options we support:

  1. Autoplay: When toggled on the video will start immediately after the ad is loaded. 

  2. Show controls:  When toggled on, the video will display playback controls on the bottom of the element.

  3. Loop: When toggled on the video will loop infinitely, independently from how your ad will loop. 

  4. Loop with ad: When toggled on the video will replay every time the ad loops. So, if you want to have your video and other animated elements looping in sync, select the toggle on “loop with ads”.

In order to see whether or not your video behaves as expected, and is in line with your other elements, you have to preview the ad as a whole. For this, you simply click the “preview” button in the navigation toolbar on top of your canvas.

That’s it!
You’ve now added your first (in-banner) video element to the canvas. In case you want to learn how to reposition it, or even replace it, please read on. We will cover this in the next section of the Beginner’s Guide: Adjusting and replacing video elements in your ads.

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