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Adjusting and replacing video elements in your ads
Adjusting and replacing video elements in your ads
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Now that you know how to add a video element to the canvas, it’s time we explain how you can edit it, too. This section of the Beginner’s Guide, therefore, covers the topic of adjusting and replacing an (in-banner) video element. To learn more about how to add a video element, please check this guide.

Part I: Adjusting your video element

To adjust your video element, you can start from two pointss of entries. You can either adjust or replace your video element from the “single view”, but you can also decide on working from the “all view” instead.

The main difference here is that you use the single view to always edit one single element at a time. In all view,  edit all similar elements simultaneously. Also, the single view generally offers more options to edit your elements. But when it comes to in-banner video, the options that are offered in the single view and all view are exactly the same. 

Adjusting the video properties
As mentioned above, the single view and all view offer the same video properties. You can easily change these settings: 

  1. Autoplay: When toggled on, the video will start immediately after the ad is loaded. Switch the toggle to ‘off’ to stop the video from starting immediately. 

  2. Show controls:  When toggled on the video will display playback controls on the bottom of the element. To not show the controls, toggle off. 

  3. Loop: When toggled on the video will loop infinitely, independently from how your ad will loop. To stop the looping, toggle off. 

  4. Loop with ad: When toggled on the video will replay every time the ad loops. So, if you want to have your video and other animated elements looping in synch, select toggle on “loop with ads”. To stop the in-sync looping, toggle off.

Part II: Replacing a video element 

Now you know how to adjust a video element, we can also explain how you can easily replace the element. You can only add one video element to your canvas, so in order to change your video element, you need to replace it. You have two ways of doing so, from the “all view” or from the “single view”.

From the single view
When you want to replace your video element from the single view, first click on the video element. On the right side of your screen, the “property panel” will appear. Select the “video tab” and click on the button that says “replace”. Select another video from the library, or upload a new video. Click on “change” to add your new video to the canvas.

 From all view
Replacing a video from the “all view” is slightly different than replacing it from the single view. You can easily use this when you have, for example, already created different sizes for your ad. When you want to select the video element on the canvas, you will see a pop-over appears stating “edit ad”. This will direct you to the single view, and we want to stay in the all view, right? 

So instead, take a look at the left side of your screen. Here you will also see a sidebar. All the elements that are used in your ads are listed here. Click on the video element that you want to replace. Now, a property panel will appear. Click on the button that says “replace” and select another video from the library. 

You can also upload a new video. Click on “change” to add your new video to the canvas. As you can see, the video has been replaced for all ad sizes. 

Discover more
You have now completed all sections of the ‘In-banner Video Beginner’s Guide’.  Good job! You can now start playing around with adding, replacing, and adjusting in-banner videos. If you want to learn more, for example on publishing your in-banner video ads, check out one of our resources below. Enjoy! 

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