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Chapter 8: Custom Dynamic Ads for Google Ads Troubleshooting
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Below you will find some of the more common troubleshooting questions about creating dynamic ads. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to reach out in the chat.

1. My feed is not accepted by Google Ads and/or Bannerwise.

If your feed is not accepted by either platform, it means that the information and setup found in your feed don't match the selected business type. If you experience problems with getting your feed accepted, take a look at our Help Center article

2. My dynamic ads are rejected by Google.

If your dynamic ads are not accepted by Google, it could be due to several reasons. To help you find the quickest solution we have listed some of the more common issues in this article.

3. Dynamic elements (e.g. price, product image) are not visible in the Google Ads preview.

If you have uploaded your ad to Google Ads and you don't see your dynamic content it could be due to several reasons. We have listed some of the more common reasons in this article found in our Help Center. 

4. Dynamic text elements don’t show correctly in the preview.

Check out this article to know why dynamic text elements are not displaying as expected and learn where you can find a preview rendering all dynamic elements.

5. I’ve made a mistake while mapping my feed and need to remap it.

If you wish to remap your feed, take a look at this help article. Remapping your feed will let you re-assign attributes to element types.

6. Google Ads error: "The ad you uploaded contains HTML5 code that we can’t allow in our ads: Multiple exits”.

Check this article to troubleshoot that error.


For Retail business type:

For Non-Retail business types:

For all business types:

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