If your dynamic banners are not accepted by Google, it could be due to several reasons. To help you find the quickest solution we have listed some of the more common issues below for you to consider.  

  • Banners uploaded to a dynamic campaign have to be dynamic banners 
  • When uploading a dynamic banner into a dynamic campaign, the attributes used in the feed have to match the attributes used in the feed uploaded in your Google Ads account. 
  • The business type used for both the dynamic banner and the dynamic campaign have to be the same feed type. If the feed type used in your banner does not match the feed type use in the dynamic campaign, your banner will not be accepted. 
  • If you try and upload an ad that is based on a feed of a different business type, you will get an error message stating “This ZIP file has an ad with a different business type than this campaign. Remove this ad or edit this campaign to continue."
  • Like with all other banners exported from Bannerwise you cant upload the mother zip file Bannerwise generates upon export but first have to be unzipped. Only the zips of the individual formats can be uploaded to your Google ads account. 
  • If you try and upload the mother zip generated by Bannerwise, you will get an error message stating “The ad contains an unsupported file type. Please remove or replace any files in the ad that are not one of the following file types, and then try again: .CSS, .JS, .HTML, .GIF, .PNG, .JPEG and .SVG Learn more"
  • When exporting a single format/size as a set, Bannerwise will still generate a mother zip. To use the single format export in your Google Ads account, you will have to unzip the mother zip, open the folder, select all the content, and compress it into a zip file. The new zip file can be uploaded into your dynamic campaign on Google Ads.

In case you have trouble understanding or following one or more of the steps outlined in this article, feel free to reach out to our support team via the Bannerwise chat or write an email to support@bannerwise.io.

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