If you uploaded your banner, and you don't see your dynamic content it could be due to several reasons. We have listed some of the more common reasons down below so there is no need to panic. 

  1. Your data feed has not been fully processed and is still under review.
  2. On the first upload, a data feed can take up to 3 business days to process.
  3. Your data feed is blank, attributes like image URLs are broken, or using incorrect names for feed attributes.
  4. For more information what attributes can be used for your feed type, check out this article.
  5. The feed your uploaded in Google Ads and the feed you uploaded in Bannerwise are different from one another. 
  6. The feed you have uploaded contains attribute titles that are not english. 
  7. Bannerwise only supports the use of english feed attributes. For example, if you name an attribute “Preis” in German instead of “Price” in English, you might not see a price displayed in the preview

English Attribute naming “Price

German Attribute naming “Preis

In case you have trouble understanding or following one or more of the steps outlined in this article, feel free to reach out to our support team via the Bannerwise Chat or write an email to support@bannerwise.io.

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