Different feed types have different categories that set them apart and determine their use case. Below you can find a list of the feed types that Google Adwords supports. By clicking on them, you can download an example feed. This allows you to take a closer look at how each feed type is set up. 

Hotel and rental
Local deals
Real estate property

Each feed type has a list of required and optional attributes along with several other specifications. Required attributes, as the name implies, are required to be present in the feed in order to use it. Required attributes often include attributes such as product ID, item title, or name. To find more information about what attributes are required for your feed type, take a look at this overview provided by Google.  

 Optional attributes are not a requirement to use the feed. They give you the option to add additional information such as an item description or sales price. To learn more about the attributes you can use in your banner design, check our article covering supported attributes per feed type

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