After you add your Google Adwords feed (CSV or XML) to Bannerwise, you will be asked to map the reference of your feed to the corresponding elements you would like them to represent. If you have not uploaded a Google Adwords feed to Bannerwise already, check out our article covering uploading feeds to Bannerwise

Each reference has to be labeled as an element type or marked as “Do not import”. Each reference can either be an image, text, logo, button, or a click area. You can only select one element type per reference so take your time when mapping your feed.

By doing this, you mark what kind of element the reference will turn into when you use it in Bannerwise. For example: when you map a reference as a text element, you can only use Bannerwise text elements for this reference. 

Below you can see a short video example of a custom feed being mapped in Bannerwise. 

For each feed type, Google has strict guidelines what attributes can be used as references in your banner design. To learn more about what attributes are supported for your Google business types, check out this article.

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