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How to move layers inside the Slider Group Element?
How to move layers inside the Slider Group Element?

Learn how to sort elements inside the Slider Group and start showcasing them in your carousel ads

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When creating Dynamic Slider Ads, you have the flexibility to place elements both inside and outside the Slider Element Group. The slider group element supports dynamic and non-dynamic elements, while outside the group, only non-dynamic elements are allowed. In this article, you'll learn how to move elements within the Slider Group for optimal control.

Here are the steps to move layers inside the Slider Group, along with some important considerations:

πŸ’‘ Good to know: Layers outside the Slider Group Element are shared across conditions, which means any changes made affect the design in all dynamic conditions. These layers display a notification in the property panel:

  • In the image below, the selected text layer "Double click to edit" is outside the Slider Group Element.

  • To move it within the Slider Group, simply drag it down to the bottom, positioned below the "Slider indicator" element.

πŸ’‘ Good to know: Layers cannot be placed inside or on top of the Navigation Group. If you attempt this, you'll receive the following notification:

That's it! This process allows you to move layers within the Slider Group Element. Notice that the element's property panel will change: The mentioned notification disappears, and making the element dynamic becomes possible.

When you move a layer from outside to inside the Slider Group Element, it will be specific to the condition in which changes were made. As a result, the element will only be present in that particular condition and will not appear in other conditions.

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