If you are experiencing that some content in your Facebook catalogue is not updated, it could be that the latest schedule update hasn’t happened yet in Facebook. Note that this schedule must happen after Bannerwise synchronizes with the source feed and updates the content if any changes are detected in the source feed.

If you need the changes right away and can’t wait until the next schedule, you can force an update manually. Check the steps below to know how to achieve this:

  • Go to your Catalogue in Facebook Commerce Manager, and on the left menu, click on “Data Sources”.

  • In the section “Data feeds”, select the one you want to manually synchronize.

  • You’ll see an “Upload Now” option. Click on it. The feed will start uploading and updating.

  • Simply wait until the feed has finished uploading and check whether any errors were detected or everything was synched successfully.

That's it! This is how you can force a schedule update in your Facebook catalogue.

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