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How to create a Split-test for your Facebook DPA?
How to create a Split-test for your Facebook DPA?

Start creating Split-tests and improve your conversions

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One of the key features of Bannerwise is the possibility of building Social Dynamic Ads and, more specifically, custom Facebook DPAs. By having complete control and freedom to customize your Dynamic Products Ads layout, your DPAs will stand out from the rest.

But, why stop there and not take a step further? We believe that the best way of improving your KPI's (ROAS, conversion rate, CTR...) is to start running Split-Tests with your Facebook DPAs and Bannerwise can surely help you with this. In a nutshell, a Split-Test consists of two variants of the same ad that is displayed to different people at the same time. Based on the hypothesis you set up, it will allow you to optimize various KPI's by improving the design.

What am I testing?

The first thing is to decide what element you want to test. There are many things you can think about but it is important to only focus on one specific element per Split-testing:

  • Displaying product name vs. not displaying it.

  • Displaying product price vs. not displaying it.

  • Displaying product original price and sale price vs. not displaying them.

  • Displaying customer product ratings vs. not displaying them.

  • Adding a background image vs. keeping a background empty.

Building your DPAs in Bannerwise.

Once you know what element you’ll be testing, it’s time to create both ad variants in Bannerwise. Below, you can find the set up to be created:

1. Upload the Facbook DPA feed into Bannerwise and map it.

2. Create a Social Dynamic adset connected to the feed you just uploaded that will work as the “Control version”.

3. Create a second Social Dynamic adset connected to the feed you uploaded that will work as “Variant 1” and add the split-testing element that will differentiate it from the Control version.

4. Publish both adsets. You will get 2 different feed URLs in your inbox generated by Bannerwise. Keep them close, you’ll need them shortly.

Once you have the 2 published feed URLs from Bannerwise, you can move on to your Facebook Business account.

Creating catalogues in Facebook for Split-tests.

One of the most common ways to split-test DPAs is to create a campaign in your Facebook Business account with “Catalogue Sales” selected as objective. Find below the step-by-step flow to create the campaign:

  • Before creating any campaign, log in your Commerce Manager on your Facebook Business page.

  • Create 2 product catalogs on your Facebook commerce account. Add to each catalogue, one of the feed URLs Bannerwise generated. For example, add to the first catalogue the URL for the “Control version” and, add the “Variant 1” URL to the second catalogue. Give both catalogues an easy name to differentiate them from each other.

  • Go now to your Facebook Ads Manager.

  • Click on “Campaigns” tab and click on “Create”.

  • Select “Catalogue Sales” as campaign objective.

  • Choose the "Control version" catalogue and click on "Continue".

  • In the next step, have a look at the available settings and adjust them to your needs and click on “Next” to finish the set up of the campaign.

  • Go back to the campaign overview in your Ads Manager. You will see the campaign you've already created.

  • Under "Campaigns" tab, select the one created for the Split-test and click on "Duplicate".

  • Give a different name to the duplicated campaign and, in the “Catalogues” section, choose the second catalogue you have previously created. Select the “Variant 1” catalogue.

  • Review all setting for the campaign and click on “Publish” when you’re done.

That’s it! This is how you can split-test your Facebook DPA catalogues and improve your conversion rate. Simply publish both campaigns and let the Split-testing begin.

We hope the information in this article was useful to achieve your goal. If there is anything else we can help you with and you couldn't find it in our help center, don't hesitate to contact us by chat.

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