When you’ve reached this section of the Beginner’s Guide, we assume you have already created your first HTML5 ad. Now, we will explain how easy it is to generate other sizes of your ad, with just a few clicks. 

There are two ways to generate other sizes. You can either start empty and redesign your new sizes yourself, or you can let Bannerwise do the work. Either way, you have to start in the “single view”

Select the next size
In the toolbar, click on the “sizes dropdown”. When you have selected various sizes when you’ve started building your ad, you will see a list of all the sizes you’ve picked. Select the next size in the list. For generating a complete ad set, advise working top-down. This way, you’re less likely to skip or forget a size when creating other sizes.

Add a (custom) size
You can also decide on adding an additional or custom ad size on this point. This is often the case when you’ve forgotten to add your sizes earlier on. If you don’t see the ad size you need in the dropdown menu, you can add it yourself. Click on the “sizes dropdown” in the toolbar and click on the “add ad” button to select one or more sizes. 

If you want to create a size that is not mentioned here, you can also add a custom size. For this, you click the “add size” button. 

Then, you enter a name, width, and height for your size and click on “add custom size”. That’s all. 

Generating your next ad
When you have selected either the next size on the list, or added a custom ad size, a screen will pop up, asking “Are you sure you’re finished?”. Now, you can decide to either recreate your ad yourself or let Bannerwise generate the next size for you. 

If you click on the “start empty” button you’ll create the new size with a blank canvas. However, you can also let our algorithm automatically generate the next ad for you. For this, you click the “let’s go” button. 

Now, the algorithm automatically reproduces all slides, elements, and animations from your existing ad set or template.

The elements are distributed over the canvas as well as our algorithm can. In most cases, you will have to reposition the elements to make sure everything is pixel perfect. 

That’s all!
You now know how you can generate other sizes of your ad. If you are still not sure which option suits you best, please contact your account manager to learn more. You can also read another section of our Beginner’s Guide, for example on Pushing your ads, or Generating third-party tags. It’s up to you! 

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