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In this section of the Beginner’s Guide, we will briefly describe how you can publish your ads by pushing them to the campaigns in a selected network. 

Directly pushing your ads

To create a more optimized workflow for you and your team members, you have the possibility to directly “upload” your ads and push them to the right campaign in your selected advertising network.

Bannerwise supports integrations with the following networks:

  • Google Ads

  • Google Campaign Manager

  • Adform

  • Facebook

Pushing your ads reduces trafficking time drastically, because you don’t have to download and upload your ads manually. You simply select the corresponding campaign and click on push. On top of that it reduces the possibility for manual errors. 

In order to start pushing your ads you first have to authenticate the network’s API. Make sure that you connect with the right credentials, only then you will have access to your campaigns. 

Starting point

You can connect by navigating to the Bannerwise “hub”. Here, you can click on “configurations”, on the top right corner of your screen. In the dropdown, select “integrations”. Click on the toggle button to enable the network you want to connect with. It’s important to keep in mind that each network connection costs 49 EUR per month on top of the costs for your subscription plan. 

Google ads
When you use Google Ads or authenticate with a Manager Account (formerly an Adwords MCC account) you always have to select an already existing campaign and ad group in order to push ads directly. The system supports pushing ads for regular HTML5 and AMPHTML ads. Directly pushing your in-banner video ads is not supported by Google Ads. In case you are wondering how you can publish in-banner video ads, please read this article for more information. 

Campaign Manager
For Google Campaign Manager, you have to select an account, campaign and site in order to push ads directly. Now, we only support pushing ads for standard HTML5 ads and in-banner video, not dynamic. When you use Bannerwise to push your ads to Google Campaign Manager, we automatically create a placement, standard ad and creative asset in Google Campaign Manager. The system also generates a fallback image. For this, we use a snapshot of the last slide of your ad.

For Adform, you only have to select a campaign to push your ads to. Right now, the system supports pushing ads for HTML5, dynamic HTML5 ads and in-banner video ads. 

You can then push your ads by navigating from the “hub” to “manage”. Here, you click on “Ads” to see the full list of ads you have created. 

Find the ad set you want to publish and click on “publish”

Now it’s time to select a publishing type, and since you want to directly push your ads, click on “push”.

That’s it! Pushing your ads directly is indeed as easy as it sounds. After pushing, you’ll be able to find your ads in your campaign by logging into your advertising network interface and navigating to your campaign’s creative assets. 

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You now know how you can directly push your ads to a selected network. If you are still not sure which option suits you best, please contact your account manager. You can also read another section of our Beginner’s Guide, for example on Downloading your ads, or Generating third-party tags. What do you want to learn next?

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