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In this section of the Beginner’s Guide, we will briefly describe how you can publish your ads by generating third-party tags.

Generating 3rd party tags for your ads
When you build ads that use multiple assets or require more creative freedom, they often exceed the 150KB size limit. To make sure your ads always get accepted no matter the size, you’ll have to host your ads. Using third-party tags to publish your ads, therefore, is a great resolution.

What are third-party tags?
Third-party tags (also known as 3rd party tags or 3PAS) are basically small pieces of code that load in an ad that is hosted on an ad server. They often come in handy when you, for example, are unable to upload a physical file to your network.

By using third-party tags, you’ll get access to some great benefits, such as: 

  • No maximum file size limit.

  • The opportunity to use in-banner video ads.

  • Meeting the requirements of your ad network.

When you host ads with Bannerwise, you can also update the content even when the campaign is already running.

At the moment of writing, using third-party tags in Bannerwise is only available for regular HTML5 ads, not dynamic ones. 

Publishing in-banner videos
The good news is that third-party tags allow you to publish in-banner video ads. For this, we require you to host your ads with us. We do this to make sure the video is hosted in an optimized environment for progressive video downloads. Some networks, such as Google Ads, only allow hosted in-banner video ads in order to add them to your campaigns. 

How does it work?
You can download your third-party tags by navigating from the “hub” to “manage”. Here, you have to click on “ads”

Find the ad set you want to generate third-party tags for, and click “publish”

Now, you have to select a network that you want to publish your ads to. Click on “Get tags” to generate the third party tags. We will then generate your tags and they will automatically be downloaded to your computer. These tags can then be used for any available network, that’s up to you.

💡Good to know: Keep in mind that a hosting add-on is needed to generate third-party tags. These add-ons run in line with your billing cycle. For more information check out this article.

That’s all!
You now know all the different available ways to publish your ads. If you are still not sure which option suits you best, please contact your account manager to learn more. Have you also checked out our Tutorials, to learn and discover all features and possibilities in Bannerwise? 

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