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How to publish in-banner video ads?
How to publish in-banner video ads?

Publishing in-banner video ads on every available network

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In-banner video ads can engage users and easily draw more attention to your ads than regular animated ads. In this article, we will quickly describe how to publish in-banner videos on every available network.

To publish in-banner video ads follow the steps below:

  • Click on “Manage” in the hub and click on “Ads”.

  • Click on “Publish” on the right of the ad set you want to publish.

  • In the dropdown select the network you want to publish to.

  • Click on the “Get tags” button.

  • Select the ad sizes you want to publish and click on “Get 3rd Party Tags”. 3rd party tags are small pieces of code that load in an ad that is served on the Ad Server. To generate the tags, it is necessary to add a landing page URL.

After generating the ads, the browser will download a text or excel file, containing a 3rd party tag for each ad size. The tags generated by Bannerwise can be used in any available network.

Remember that to use 3rd party tags for Google Ads the steps are a bit different. Please follow this link for more information. 

In-banner video ads need to be hosted on the Bannerwise Ad Server. Read more about hosting ads here.

💡 Good to know:

As an exception, if you’d like to download your in-banner video ads and host them externally, you can request to enable the download feature by contacting us. More information about this option can be found in this article.

If you want to know more about this feature and are interested in using videos in your ads, schedule a meeting with us! We will provide you with the next steps and all you need to know.

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