In this article we assume that you have already created a dynamic campaign in Google Ads. Once you have a dynamic campaign the steps are simple. If you dont have a dynamic campaign set-up, take a look at our article covering dynamic campaign creation.

After uploading your feed to your account, you can start to set up a dynamic campaign to hold your custom dynamic ad created in Bannerwise. Below you will find a list of steps that outline the steps you need to take to upload your custom dynamic ad into a previously created Google Ads campaign. 

  1. On the left vertical navigation bar, find and select “Campaigns
  2. Select the dynamic campaign you have created previously  
  3. Select an ad group within this dynamic campaign
  4. Click on “Ads & Extensions
  5. Use the round blue + icon to upload your dynamic ad
  6. Make sure the business type of the dynamic ad matches the business type of the dynamic campaign. 

In some cases your banner might display incorrectly in the Adwords preview. This might mean that some or even all of your dynamic elements are not being displayed. This could be due to several different reasons. If this happens when uploading your banner, take a look at our dynamic troubleshooting articles.

In case you have trouble understanding or following one or more of the steps outlined in this article, feel free to reach out to our support team via the Bannerwise chat or write an email to

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