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How to manage design elements in Display Dynamic Slider Ads?
How to manage design elements in Display Dynamic Slider Ads?

Explore the dynamics of design elements across conditions in your carousel ads

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When creating Dynamic Slider Ads, you can add elements inside the Slider Element Group and also outside. The slider group element supports dynamic and non-dynamic elements whereas outside the slider group, only non-dynamic elements are allowed.

When you're working on your Dynamic Slider Ads, it's important to consider the following points:

Shared Elements Outside Slider Group:

Elements placed outside the Slider Group Element are shared across different conditions. This means that any changes made to these elements will impact the design in all the conditions you've created.

Moving Elements from Outside to Inside:

When design elements are initially placed outside the Slider Element but later moved inside, they will only be visible in the condition where the move was made. They'll disappear from all other conditions.

Moving Elements from Inside to Outside:

Conversely, when elements are initially placed inside the Slider Element and then moved outside, they will be visible in the layout of all dynamic conditions within the ad.

By understanding these principles, you can effectively manage the appearance and behavior of design elements in your Dynamic Slider Ads.

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