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What is the Slider Group Element?
What is the Slider Group Element?

Explore the capabilities of the Slider Group Element and make your carousel ads stand out from competitors.

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A Slider Group Element (also known as a carousel) is a feature in digital advertising that enables users to interactively scroll through multiple images or content within an ad, enhancing visual engagement and dynamic presentation. This article explains the functionalities the Slider element includes in Bannerwise and how to best work with it.

A slider ad is a new type of dynamic ad you can build in Bannerwise. By default, the Slider element is always added to the canvas and can't be removed. It is composed of a group of elements, specifically: the previous button (arrow left), the next button (arrow right), and slide indicators. This group of elements can't be ungrouped. This is what the slider element looks like both in the canvas and the layer panel:

The Slider Group Element in the Layer Panel:

When selecting the "Slider" layer, a group of layers will also be selected. Those refer to the elements belonging to the slider group and behave as a unity. Both the slider and the elements inside it don't contain animations.

With the "Slider" layer selected, have a look at the property panel on the right and click on the "Slider" tab. There are key functionalities to have a look at:

  • Slides: Refers to the number of slides/products you want to showcase in the carousel. You can choose a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 products.

  • Transition: It refers to the speed at which slides will transition from one to another both when intentionally clicking on the arrows and when autoplay is enabled.

  • Autoplay: Enable this feature if you want the slides to transition automatically without the need for user interaction. The rotation between products happens every 4 seconds if no user interaction has happened. If interacted, the ad will pause in the same slide for 10 seconds before transitioning again.

Elements compounding the Slider:

As mentioned above, the slider is a compound of three elements. Below, you can find how they behave when users interact with them and their main functionalities:

  • Previous button (arrow left): The ad will transition to the product that’s on the left and enable users to navigate through products.

  • Next button (arrow right): When clicked, the ad will transition to the next product that’s on the right and enable users to navigate through products.

Both arrow elements inherit the same properties of an image element, therefore, the property panel displayed for these 2 elements contains the same functionalities as image elements do.

  • Slide indicator: Users can click on a specific slide indicator to directly navigate to a product. They show which slide is currently visible (or selected).

By navigating to the property panel under the "Style" tab, you can customize the slide indicators in both the "Active" and "Inactive" states.

We hope the information above solved your question. If there is anything else we can help you with, and you couldn't find it in our help center, don't hesitate to contact us by chat. We are always ready to help you!

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