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What ad elements can be locally previewed?
What ad elements can be locally previewed?

Learn which ad elements will display in your machine when previewing them locally and which ones not

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In some cases, you might want to preview your ads after downloading them in your local machine. It’s good to know that this preview won’t always display the complete ad design, depending on the ad type you are previewing.

Have a look at the ad types below and the way the preview will display on your machine:

  • Standard HTML5 ads: All elements and animations in your ads will display when you locally preview them. If your machine is a Windows, make sure you preview your ads this way.

  • Display Dynamic ads: When locally previewing this type of ads in your machine, the dynamic elements in the design won’t display. This is because the connection with the feed can’t be made locally. You will see that your dynamic ads show empty spaces where the dynamic content should display.

If you want to preview the dynamic content you must upload the ads into the advertising network. If everything is set up correctly and ads are assigned to the correct campaign, the dynamic elements will be filled with content.

💡 Good to know:

For Google Studio and Adform, it is possible to preview dynamic ads locally without establishing a connection with the feed. Note that this dynamic content is a “dummy” and not a real representation of the actual dynamic ad.

Compare the images below: Display Dynamic preview misses the dynamic elements whereas the Display Standard preview shows the complete ad design.

  • Social Dynamic ads: Previewing social dynamic ads locally is a bit different. To locally preview this type of ads, you just need to enter the feed URL Bannerwise generates on this page. The feed previewer will display the “image_link” with the custom design created in Bannerwise. You can display all the products in your feed.

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