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Can elements inside the Slider Group contain animations?
Can elements inside the Slider Group contain animations?

Explore the animation options for your carousel ads and learn how to move elements within and outside the Slider Group

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At this moment, layers inside the slider group can't contain animations. Those elements are static. If you have a look at the layer panel, you notice that all layers that are part of the Slider Group don't have animation panels.

You can sort layers inside and outside the Slider Group. Simply grab an element in the layer panel and drag it to the top (outside the Slider Group element) or to the bottom (inside the Slider Group element). Depending on where the layer is placed, the animation panels will be enabled or disabled.

๐Ÿ’ก Good to know: Dynamic elements can't be sorted outside the Slider Group. You'll first need to convert them into non-dynamic elements.

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