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What ad sets are connected to a specific feed?
What ad sets are connected to a specific feed?

Get a clear overview of the banner sets linked to one same feed.

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In Bannerwise you can use a unique feed to build multiple ad sets. At some point, you might want to have a clear overview of all the banner sets that are connected to a specific feed. Follow the steps below to know where to find this information:

๐Ÿ’ก Good to know: The steps in this article are both Display and Social Ads.

  • In the main hub, click on "Configurations" and "Feeds."

  • Click on "Edit" on the feed you wish to have the overview of the ad sets linked to it.

  • Click on the "Linked ad sets" tab.

There are two different scenarios that can happen:

List of ad sets:

A list with the ad sets created using this specific feed will show:

No ad sets linked:

If there are no ads created using the feed you've selected yet, this screen will show:

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