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What is the relation between display feeds and Bannerwise?
What is the relation between display feeds and Bannerwise?

Read and learn what happens when you upload a feed and the role they play in Bannerwise.

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To build dynamic ads in Bannerwise, the first step is to upload a feed.

The main purpose of uploading feeds in Bannerwise is to use them to design and build your creatives. The dynamic content you see in Bannerwise is directly taken from the feed uploaded in Bannerwise to ensure you can work with real data.

When you add a dynamic element to your design, you have to select an index and a reference. The reference links to an attribute in the line item and the index represents the relevance or importance of that element. The index you pick in Bannerwise directly influences which line item from the feed is displayed when the campaign is running: "Index 1" is the most relevant line item depending on the settings of your dynamic campaign and that's why, in Bannerwise, it always starts from selecting "index 1".

Bear in mind that multiple attributes of a line item are linked to each other. If you use, for example, the references "title" and "image_link" the index for both elements has to be the same. That way everything will be linked as it should and your ads will show the correct product information.

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