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How to update ads in real-time?
How to update ads in real-time?

Host your ads with Bannerwise and make changes in real time

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After you’ve generated 3rd party tags your ads end up on the Bannerwise Ad Server. This means that the ads are hosted on a special server, optimized for Display Ad Campaigns.

💡 Good to know: If you don’t know how to generate 3rd party tags please follow this link for more information.

From the moment that your ads are uploaded to the Bannerwise Ad Server you have the options to overwrite them. That means that you can easily fix a typo or update the color of a button without having to create a new campaign or ad group.

Follow the steps below to know how to overwrite your ads in real-time:

  • Click on “Manage” in the hub and click on “Ads” 

  • Click on “Publish” on the right of the ad set you want to overwrite

  • In the dropdown select the network you want to publish to.

  • Click on “Continue”

  • Click on the “Update ad set” button

  • Select the sizes you want to update and click on “Get 3rd party tags”

Your ads will update the already published ads on the Ad Server and after that, new 3rd party tags will be generated.

💡 Good to know: You don’t have to re-assign the 3rd party tags in your campaign if you’ve already done that. The ads will update automatically.

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