In this article, you will find the last steps to push ads directly to Google Ads. If you haven't connected your account to Google Ads yet, please follow this article to be able to continue.

To be able to follow the steps below, make sure you've first completed these.

  • After selecting "Push" as publishing option, you will need to select the sizes and languages of the ads. Don't forget about adding a landing page URL. Also, and more important, you need to fill the following information: Account, Campaign and Ad Group.

  • Click on "Push" once you are ready. 

After generating your ads, the API will push your ads to the selected Campaign and Ad Group. All ads pushed to Google Ads have the following naming restriction: {{width}}-{{height}}-{{language}}-{{date}} for example: {{300}}-{{250}}-{{ENG}}-{{2020-02-15_18:32:47}}  

You will be able to find your ads in your campaign by logging into your advertising network interface and navigating to your campaign’s creative assets.


Note that this integration has a cost of 49,00€ per month. The API will be active from the purchase date until the renew date of your plan and will automatically renew.

We hope the information in this article was useful to achieve your goal. If you want to know more about this feature, you can send all your questions to We'll be ready to help you!



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