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Can I import externally created ads in Bannerwise?
Can I import externally created ads in Bannerwise?

Let us help you rebuild your ads in Bannerwise!

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Switching tools means, on many occasions, having to migrate data from one place to another. When starting to use Bannerwise, we can imagine that you might have some HTML5 ads you’d like to rework to generate new versions or, you simply want to import your already created ads and templates to have all the material centralized, in the same place.

At this moment, importing HTML5 ads in Bannerwise is not possible. However, we want to help you in this matter by rebuilding some of your ads in your Bannerwise account.

Want to know more about it? Let’s get in touch and discuss the next steps!

💡 Good to know: Bannerwise is not an agency. Our focus is not to design all creatives for you. As an additional service, however, we offer to create an adset or two to get you started and help out. If what you want is someone to build all your ads, let us know. We can refer you to someone.

We hope the information in this article was useful to achieve your goal. If there is anything else we can help you with and you couldn't find it in our help center, don't hesitate to contact us by chat. We are always ready to help you.

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