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How to add an emphasis animation to elements in your design?
How to add an emphasis animation to elements in your design?

Bring the attention to specific elements using pulse animations in your ads

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The emphasis/pulse animation is the animation that can be added to an element by hovering over the animation track and clicking on the activation button.

When you select the emphasis animation panel, the emphasis animation properties popover appears. Here, you can select styles for your emphasis animation and set the repetitions.

There are less styles available than for the enter and exit animations. This is mainly because emphasis animations are used to emphasize elements, rather than letting them appear or disappear. These are the options available for emphasis animations:

  • Style:

    • Scale down

    • Scale up

    • Fade

    • Shake

  • Repetitions: Choose the amount of times the element will repeat the style selected.

  • Remove animation: Simply select the bin icon.

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