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How to add and set up the move animation in your ads?
How to add and set up the move animation in your ads?

Get creative with your ads and build professional-looking animations

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By default, the elements added in your ad design contain two animation panels in the timeline. The one on the left is the “enter animation” panel and the one on the right is the “exit animation” panel. When clicking one of them, the “animation property menu” will display, from where you can choose the animations you want to apply.

In this article we will focus on the “move animation”. That's the one marked with red in the image below:

The move animation lets you decide the path an element will follow by placing the element in an “entry” and “exit” point inside or outside the canvas. You can be as creative as you want: resize elements and/or combine it with an “easing” effect to give your animation a cheerful look.

Check out the short video below to know how to set up the move animation into an element:

To give you a better understanding on how much creativity freedom this specific animation can bring you, we're providing you with some examples. Enjoy!

  • Move animation + resizing elements + "bounce out" easing:

  • Move animation + downscaling + CTA :

  • Move animation from 2 sides + CTA:

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