Chapter 10: Social Dynamic Ads FAQ & Troubleshoot
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Here are some answers to common questions concerning Social Dynamic Ads. If

you have any other questions, contact us via the chat.

1. What kind of feed do I need to create Social Dynamic Facebook Ads in Bannerwise?

We support CSV and XML feeds for all catalogues business types. Check out this article to know more about the specifications each feed must follow.

2. Is there a limit to the number of products or line items in my feed?

Yes, you can use up to 50.000 products. If you have a feed which contains more items, please contact us via chat.

3. Do you support all currencies?

The currencies that Bannerwise supports at this moment are shown in this article.

4. Does this Social Dynamic Ads feature work for business types other than retail, such as travel, education, flights, and real estate...?

Yes, at this moment Social Dynamic Ads for Facebook supports multiple business types. You can find the possibilities in this article.

5. How often does Bannerwise synch the feed?

Bannerwise can sync with the source feed a maximum amount of 4 times per day, it all depends on the schedule you set up in your Facebook feed settings. Have a look at this article to know how to set up a custom schedule.

6. How can I preview my Social Dynamic Ads?

When you’re done designing your Social Dynamic Ads, you can use the

Bannerwise feed previewer. This will be possible after exporting your ads. This will give you a new feed URL you can insert in the feed previewer.

7. Can I add multiple images to my Social Dynamic Ads?

Yes, you can! We are able to process feeds with multiple images per line item. You can

map these as "images" in Bannerwise. To know more about adding dynamic elements to your Facebook DPA, have a look at this article.

8. Is it possible to use custom labels in my Facebook feed?

Yes, that is possible! When you are mapping your feed, you can recognise these by

the reference "custom_label_0" (Or any other number, up to 4). You are free to map these references how you like.

9. I can't upload a feed in Bannerwise.

There are different reasons why a feed can't be uploaded in Bannerwise. Have a look at this article, read how to resolve the error you got in Bannerwise and avoid it from happening again.

10. Why can't I switch between feeds?

It is only possible to connect ad sets to different feeds when these meet some requirements. To know if your feed comply with those requirements, take a look at this article.

11. I can't upload the DPA URL in my Facebook Catalogue.

Read this article to know what is causing your DPA from failing to upload and avoid this from happening again.

If you want to know more about this feature and are interested in publishing Facebook DPA, schedule a meeting with us! We will provide you with the next steps and all you need to know.


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