Chapter 3: Adding elements to your Social Dynamic Ads
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Ads that display content from a dynamic feed can be extremely valuable. These ads are often used for (but not limited to) remarketing campaigns, as they let you display dynamic information such as price, discount value, and the product descriptions that your website visitor is most interested in.

Step 1: You will always start creating the "Default" layout of your Social Dynamic Ads. If you set up dynamic rules and conditions, this is the layout that will show when no condition is applied to the products of your feed.

Step 2: Click on the “Add element” button in the top left of the scene. In the dropdown menu, click on “Dynamic”.

Step 3: Now, you have to select a reference (for example “price”). When working with social dynamic ads, you can’t add the same reference in the same slide twice.

Step 4: The elements from your feed will show in the canvas. You can now adjust its size and place it correctly. In the property panel on the right, you can see the dynamic reference the element belongs to:

Step 5: You can add as many elements (dynamic and non-dynamic) to your design as you want. Simply select the element you want from the "+" menu as explained in Step 2 until your default layout is ready!

Want to optimize your design? Take a look at these best practises.

Step 6: If you wish to preview what your other ads will look like, you can click on "Preview" at the top of the toolbar. This will lead you to the preview page.

If you're satisfied with the result of your Default layout for your Social Dynamic Ads, make sure you save the changes.

Next steps:

If you want to know more about this feature and are interested in Social Dynamic Ads, schedule a meeting with us! We will provide you with the next steps and all you need to know.


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