Did you try to upload your Google Ads feed in Bannerwise and got the following error?: Reference "X" is not supported by the "Y" feed type of Google Ads.

This is because Google Ads has particular specifications for feeds - some required, some optional - everyone needs to comply with. In order to successfully upload your feed, you need to make sure the references in your feed match the ones required by Google. The error shown above means you need to cross-check the names of your references with Google’s feed naming conventions.

Please have a look at this resource by Google. Select the business type you need and make sure your feed attributes are named the same way.

Google Ads has different feed types for different industries, like retail, travel etc. You can find more information on the feed types Google Ads supports here and see example feeds for each category.

Once you've changed the attributes in your feed and these are the ones supported by Google, try to upload the feed again in Bannerwise.

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