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Which dynamic feed business types are there for Google Ads?
Which dynamic feed business types are there for Google Ads?

This article covers the Google business feed types available and provides examples for each type.

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Different feed types have different categories that set them apart and determine their use case. Below, you can find a list of the feed types that Google Ads supports. 

If you want to take a closer look on the feed, click on the business types. You will download an example feed: 

Each feed type has a list of required and optional attributes along with several other specifications:

  •  Required attributes need to be present in the feed in order to use it. Required attributes often include attributes such as "product ID", "item title", or "name". To know more about required attributes your feed type needs, take a look at this overview provided by Google.  

  • Optional attributes are not a requirement to use the feed. They give you the option to add additional information such as an "item description" or "sales price". To learn more about the attributes you can use in your banner design, check our article covering supported attributes per feed type

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