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Chapter 8: Dynamic ads Google Studio Troubleshoot
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Below you will find some of the more common troubleshooting questions about

creating dynamic ads. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to reach

out on the chat.

1. My feed is not accepted by Google Studio and/or Bannerwise.

If your feed is not accepted by either platform, it means that the information and setup

found in your feed don't match the Google criteria. Specifically for Google Studio, please follow the requirements on this resource. One of the most important things to remember is that Google Studio required two attributes: the reference "ID" or "Unique_ID" and "Reporting_Label". Make sure your feed contains these two.

2. Studio rejects my ads.

Your QA team tests the creatives and emails you when the review is complete. An alert icon appears next to creatives that can't be published. Hover this icon for more information. Feel free to reach out via the chat if you experience problems with getting your ads approved.

3. Dynamic elements not visible in the Studio preview.

There are different reasons why your dynamic ads wouldn't show in Google Studio. Follow the steps in this article to troubleshoot them.

4. My dynamic ads only show one product.

To make sure you can preview all your dynamic products, a small setting needs to be adjusted in Studio. Check out this article to troubleshoot this issue.

5. I’ve made a mistake when mapping my feed and need to remap.

If you wish to remap your feed, take a look at this help article. Remapping your feed will let you assign dynamic elements as different element types.

6. The colour profile of dynamic images can't be downloaded.

If some images in your feed are not using the required colour profile RGB, you will need to edit your feed. Follow the steps in this troubleshoot article to know how to do this.


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