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Adform: "clickUrl.RedirectUrl length must be in range [1-500]"
Adform: "clickUrl.RedirectUrl length must be in range [1-500]"

Read how to troubleshoot this issue and make sure you can upload you ads in Adform

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Are you trying to upload your banners to Adform but you get the error below? This can mean two things:

  • The Landing Page URL you have added in Bannerwise doesn’t meet the specifications required by Adform.

  • You haven’t added a Landing page URL to your ads in Bannerwise.

To troubleshoot this error, verify that the Landing page URL contains “http://” or “https://” and that it’s length doesn’t exceed the maximum amount of characters allowed, 500.

You can check the URL added in your ads opening the "manifest.json" file you get from Bannerwise when you export your ads:

The URL added in the "clickTAG" line is the one the error in Adform refers to:

If you haven’t added a landing page URL yet, add one in Bannerwise following the steps in this article and download your ads again.

We advise to first upload your ads in and check that your ads behave as expected. For more information, check out this article.

We hope the information in this article was useful to achieve your goal. If there is anything else we can help you with and you couldn't find it in our help center, don't hesitate to contact us by chat. We are always ready to help you.

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