By adding a landing page URL to your ads you make sure that your ads are clickable and landing on the right website. You can add a landing page URL from the navigation bar.

💡 Good to know:

Not all networks allow adding a landing page in Bannerwise. In those cases, the landing page URL needs to be added in the network itself when you are setting up the campaign. 

Follow the steps below to ad a landing page URL:

  • Click on "Settings" and "Export" 

  • Click on "Edit all"

  • Enter a landing page URL and press "Apply to all".  Note that you must add "https://" at the start on your URL.

  • Click on "Save Changes"

It is also possible to add landing page URL per size by clicking on the edit icon displayed at the end of each row. This comes in handy if you want to add UTM tracking codes for each ad size in your ad set.

💡 Good to know:

Remember that if you have added both, a click area and a Landing Page URL to your ads, click areas will overwrite the landing page URL.

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