As you know, in Bannerwise there are two different ways of previewing your ads to check the end result and make as many necessary changes as you want until you are satisfied with how your ads look.

This article will show you both available ways to preview your Social Dynamic Ads as you might want to know how each single version of your ad looks based on the different conditions you have created.

1. Preview your set in the ad editor:

  • Click on “Preview” in the toolbar. It doesn't matter if you are in "single" or "all" view.

  • On the left side of the toolbar you can see “Default”. That’s the original design you have built and where no conditions apply.

  • Click on “Default”. You can now see a list with the name of all the conditions you have created for this set.

  • Simply click on one condition name. The ads showing in the preview now are applying the rule(s) from the specific condition that is selected. For example, the following image, shows the layout of our ads that contain a sale price.

The preview will show all the feed items affected by the conditions. If you select the “Default” stage, you can see all your feed items.

  • Clicking on the “size” in the toolbar allows you to preview a specific size on your set.

If you have built a "Carousel" type of ad for a social channel, Bannerwise gives the possibility of previewing all the items at the same time or navigate through the different items one by one using the arrows that are displayed on top.

  • Preview your ads and click on "Single view". All the items will display in the screen. On the left, you can select the conditions you have created and check the layout for that specific condition.

  • Preview your ads and click on "All view". You will be able to check the different layouts using the arrows displaying on the top center.

2. Preview from ad overview:

If you want to preview your ads without accessing the ad editor, follow the steps below:

  • In the main hub, click on "Manage" and "Ads".

  • Click on “Preview” under the name of the set you want to preview.

You have now the same preview options as explained above. Choose the different conditions to have an overview of all your ad versions.

If you want to know more about this feature and are interested in using it, schedule a meeting with our Customer Success Manager. We will provide you with the next steps and all you need to know.


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