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Where can I find my feeds?
Where can I find my feeds?

Learn where your uploaded feeds are located in Bannerwise and manage them anytime you need them.

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If you are working with dynamic ads in Bannerwise, you have to upload feeds to your account. In the process of uploading a feed, you can choose the client a feed will be assigned to. Note that feeds will only show under the workspace/client you have selected during the uploading process.

If you have uploaded a feed and you can’t find it, check the different workspaces. Most of the time, the feed is showing under one of the clients you assigned to.

  • In the main hub, select the client you chose when you uploaded the feed.

  • Click on “Configurations'' in the top right corner of the hub.

  • Click on “Dynamic”.

  • Find the list of the feeds assigned to the client. Hopefully, the feed you are looking for is there!

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