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How to optimize my feed?
How to optimize my feed?

Read in this article some best practices and how you can optimize your feed to have better performing dynamic campaigns.

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To have a good feed is crucial to the performance of your ads and campaigns. From Bannerwise, what we advise is to use a feed management tool, if possible. If that is not an option for you, normally webshops and CMS providers offer plug-ins to export the database in the correct feed format you need and required by the network you will use, Google Merchant Center among others.

The first thing you need to know is if you are working with the correct feed. Make sure your feed meets the requirements and specifications of the DSP you want to use.

If your feed is apt for the DSP, it is time to optimize your feed before uploading it to Bannerwise. Have a look at the list below and correct your feed if needed:

  • Make sure your feed has no broken links.

  • Make sure that your feed has no broken image links.

  • Make sure that your images are the same size and same scale ratio.

  • Make sure that your images have the same background or that the background is transparent.

  • Make sure the price in your feed is correctly formatted. We highly recommend to follow these guidelines from Google.

That’s it! Your feed is ready! You can now upload it to Bannerwise and start designing your dynamic ads.

We hope the information in this article was useful to achieve your goal. If there is anything else we can help you with and you couldn't find it in our help center, don't hesitate to contact us by chat.

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