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What is Retina and how to work with it?
What is Retina and how to work with it?

Read this article to know all about retina and use it correctly to avoid blurry images in your ads.

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With Bannerwise, it is possible to download ads by enabling the retina option. In simple words, retina is a marketing term to refer to devices that have a higher pixel density than the traditional ones.

You can enable retina by simply clicking on the retina toggle, just before clicking on "Download" to publish your ads:

Enabling retina makes the images in your ads 2 times bigger since retina screens have a 2:1 pixel density ratio, meaning 2 times more pixels per screen pixel. It is important to know that not to get blurry resulting images, you need a 2 times bigger image added in your ads while building them. If you have ever experienced blurry images in your ads while using retina, that is the reason why: your ads are being stretched out and it results in blurry images.

Note that enabling retina will result in the file size of your ads being bigger. As mentioned above, images will be two times bigger.

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