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How to add a mouseover to a button?
How to add a mouseover to a button?

Learn how to set up a mouse over effect and engage with your audience by creating interactive buttons.

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One of the multiple elements Bannerwise supports are buttons. Buttons and CTAs improve your campaigns motivating your audience to take the next step by clicking on them.

Follow the steps below to add a mouseover to your buttons:

  • In the ad editor, select the button you want to add the mouse over to.

  • On the property panel, click on “Style” and “Hover”.

  • You can now choose to “Fill color” and a “Border color” for the mouse over.

  • If you also want to have a different CTA text color, click on “Text” and “Hover” in the property panel. Select the color you want for the text.

If you want to see the end result and how the mouse overlooks like, preview your ad.

For more information and tips regarding CTA, check out this blog article.

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