Chapter 4.1: Creating a new dynamic ad set
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To use your feed to create a new ad set from scratch, follow these steps:

Step 1: From the main hub, navigate to "Create" and click on "Display ads".

Step 2: Select "Create dynamic ads".

Step 3: Select the feed you would like to use. After selecting a feed you cannot switch to a feed for a different network.

Step 4: Select now "Create from scratch" as we will build the ads from an empty canvass.

Step 5: Select the sizes you would like to have in your set. The Single View editor will open.

Step 6: To add a dynamic element to your ad, navigate to the "+" menu and select "Dynamic". Check out this article to optimize your Dynamic ad design.

Not all attributes added in your feed can be displayed in your ads. To ensure what product information can be shown in your design, we've created this overview per business type.

Step 7: From the ‘Reference’ drop down, select the dynamic element you would like to add to your ad. You may select any of the elements in your feed, like ImageUrl, Price, Description and so on.

After selecting it, the element will appear on your canvas. The Index value will correspond with these rulings:

  • Index 1 will pull the most relevant article from the feed.

  • Index 2 will pull the second most relevant article from the feed, etc. To learn more about the Index and Reference of your dynamic elements, read this article.

When working with text elements, it is very helpful to use the scale to fit feature to account for a text that might vary in length. This feature will resize your text to fit perfectly into the space provided without you having to resize it manually. You can even define constraints for minimum and maximum font size.

You can add multiple images and products to your ad by adding them to the canvas. You will have to select the same reference, but make sure that the indexes are different.

Don't forget to add a click area! To add a click area, click the "+" button and find the dynamic option at the bottom of the drop down: Select the reference "URL". Be sure to match the index of your click area with the index of the other dynamic content in your ad.

If you want to know more about this feature and are interested in publishing dynamic ads for Google Ads, schedule a meeting with us! We will provide you with the next steps and all you need to know.


For Retail business type:

For Non-Retail business types:

For all business types:

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