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How to use third-party tags for Google Ads?
How to use third-party tags for Google Ads?

This article will show you the steps to to export and use third-party tags for Google Ads.

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Google Ads allows you to serve your ads through third-party tags. Instead of using physical ads by uploading zip files, you will have to put in a 3PAS request with Google. 

Third-party tags are useful in different scenarios: They often come in handy when you, for example, are unable to upload a physical file to your network, you have an in-banner video ad or you want to make real-time changes to your ads.

Using third-party tags in Bannerwise is only available for regular HTML5 ads, not dynamic.

Follow the steps below to use third-party tags for Google Ads:

  • Click on "manage" in the hub and click on "ads".

  • Click on "publish" on the ad set you want to generate third-party tags.

  • Click on "Generate" option.

  • Select the ad sizes you want to publish and click on “Get 3rd Party Tags”. Don't forget to add a Landing Page URL to all ad sizes you want to get a 3rd-party tag from.

After generating the tags, the browser will download an Excel sheet with the following columns:

  • Campaign Name: Needs to be exactly the same as in your Google Ads account. 

  • Ad Group Name: This needs to be exactly the same as in your Google Ads account.

  • Placement Name: This is the name of the actual ad in your Ad Group. Keep in mind that you cannot have the same Placement Name more than once. You can add the ad size as the name.

  • Tag: The Tag cell is already filled in by Bannerwise and contains the 3rd party tag Google Ads needs to display your in-banner video, while your campaign is running.

All tags are validated by the Google Ads 3PAS team before they are available in your Ad Group. This process takes up to 24 hours.

In order to process your third-party tags by Google Ads you have to fill in this form.

💡 Good to know: Google Ads has a strict policy regarding ads. Your account must have a reasonable ad spent history for the third-party tags to be accepted and added to your account.

If you want to know more about using 3rd-party-tags and the benefits they will bring you, schedule a meeting with us! We will provide you with the next steps and all you need to know.

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