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What is a host-initiated-subload?
What is a host-initiated-subload?

Read about polite load and its importance to ensure a good user experience

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The so called host-initiated-subload, formerly known as polite load, is a common requirement websites have for the ads displaying on them. In short, polite load permits ads to wait for the website to load completely before all the assets of the ad loads completely. That ensures a better user experience when users visit websites.

The host-initiated-subload have three different phases:

  • Initial load: Refers to the first partial load of the ad when the HTML file is called immediately when the webpage loads. The initial load is only allowed to load a certain amount - 150kb normally although 100kb and 200kb is not uncommon - and it is determined by the advertising network.

  • Subload: Refers to the load of additional ad assets.

  • User initiated load: Refers to the creative assets that are loaded if the user engages with the ad, for example by clicking on it.

The ads created and published in Bannerwise already include and comply with the polite load policy so you don’t need to worry about it.

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